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An Unexpected Diagnosis was our Family’s Holiday Gift

My stepfather is a retired radio personality with a larger-than-life persona. At family events, Tommy always makes everyone laugh. Last Thanksgiving, however, I noticed something was different. Tommy wasn’t joking and having fun at the table. He was unusually quiet and something seemed wrong.

I asked my mom if she knew what was going on with Tommy. She said he’d been unusually quiet for the last few months. I wondered if he’d had his hearing checked recently. Tommy is getting older and I thought hearing loss could make it difficult for him to communicate and might inhibit his normally boisterous personality. My mom convinced Tommy to go to the doctor, and sure enough, he diagnosed hearing loss. Tommy got his Stockport hearing aids just in time for Christmas and was back to the fun guy we’d always known–laughing, joking, and making the holidays so much merrier for us all.

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The Creative Gardener

An instant garden is a very good idea for people who live apartments, or don’t have time to tend to an actual garden. The plants can be used as green walls too for porches or actual gardens. You can grow anything in an instant garden. At my house we grow flowers, spices, and vegetables all in instant gardens. Before you start your instant garden you must think of the area in your house your growing it in. Next you think of the climate you live in, and the season your in. After that you can start picking out your favorite fruits and vegetables that will suitably grown in your instant garden. If you want to grow flowers in your, think of which colors you most enjoy. When you instant garden is complete I’m sure you will enjoy looking at, and showing it off to others.

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My Dream Instrument

I am a lover of the saxophone. When I was in middle school the saxophone was the instrument that I wanted to play. Unfortunately, it was not what I would learn. My cousin had a clarinet and that became my instrument of choice, or should I say my parents instrument of choice. Free is always best when money is tight. Well, I enjoyed the clarinet and was a very accomplished player. I was told that if I could learn it I could easily learn the saxophone.

It has been thirty something years since I graduated from high school and I have never tried to learn the saxophone. Maybe I should start looking at flea markets or garage sales for a saxophone. If I could find one, maybe I could finally become the saxophone player Manchester that I dreamed of being in my teens.

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Wild Happenings at Comic Convention

I was at a comic convention the other day and the wildest thing happen. Usually these things are pretty low key, but for some reason, some people in the crowd seemed…a bit more agitated than usual? The exhibition staff London looked insanely worried. I couldn’t pick up on the reason exactly, but the vibe was definitely a bit odd.

I tried to ask another convention attendee what was going on and he just shushed me. It seemed like there was a bit crowd gathering around the northeast corner of the giant convention room. What could possibly be there? I started following people heading in that direction to get some answers. As I headed there, I started to get slowly overwhelmed by one of the most unusual smells I have ever experienced. Little did I know what would happen when I finally got there.

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Warm Summer Breeze

The warm summer breeze blew in from the opened window, and felt good. I like to splurge every once and awhile on a thai massage Liverpool, and now I felt so relax after just having received one that I laid down on the bed, and thought about someone who I was starting to have feelings for. It was not going to happen between us, and I wish I had not told him how I felt yesterday. It only made him uncomfortable. I stretched, extending my arms and legs as far as they would reach. The curtains blew out as another breeze came through the window. I guess there are worst things then telling someone how you feel, and them telling you they don’t feel the same way. I can’t imagine having not told him how I felt, I don’t regret it. My eyes closed as I drifted to sleep.

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Never Too Old To Learn Something New

My son came home from school today excited about a project he had to complete over the weekend. He was doing a report about water filtration. My first thought about this was our house water filtration system, but as he and my husband talked about water filters, the talk switched to our pool’s filtration system. I realized that I had no idea how our pool’s water stayed clean, so I continued to listen to the conversation. I learned that our pool filtration system used silica sand to keep the water clear. The denseness of this substrate helps remove any impurities from the water, when the water is forced through it. Of course, the filtration system is a bit more complicated than that, but I was amazed that something that simple was at the basis of our pool’s crystal clear water.

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Enviornmentally Safe Sandbasting Material

There are many great benefits of using recycled glass media during the sandblasting process.

-Reduction of disposal costs because it is light weight and you use less for the job.
-Offers superior rust back performance.
-Has the similar hardness as many other slags used, 6.0 on the Mohs scale.
-Recommendation is to use at 90 PSI to achieve the greatest results during the job.
-Increased energy savings.
-The glass media delivers low particle embedment, producing a very white finish.

The glass media is 100% recycled material that come directly from landfills all around the world. The media can be used near water, is non-toxic and there is no detection of crystalline silica.

It has been reported by the studies performed in the United States of America and Europe that glass media is environmentally safe when used properly.

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Life in an Office

A few weeks ago, my office manager finally got our air conditioner to work. He seriously, just called some guy he supposedly knows to fix the darn thing. The guy, well, lets just say he needs new pants and maybe weight-watchers. Anyways, he fixed the air conditioner and comes over to me smelling like a pig, asking me if I wanted him to go out with him. Of course not, I told him. A few weeks went by with everyone still sweating it out in the office, even though the AC was “fixed”. I had decided I had enough with the thing breaking down and doing some research to find a top of the line Manchester air conditioning unit for major offices. I told my boss about it, but I told him that I would contact the company for prices. Needless to say, I got a HUGE discount on the new AC.

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